20 RV Kitchen Space Savers

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20 RV Kitchen Space Savers

We all know that cooking can be hard if your counter tops are crowded. As well as putting away groceries with a crowded cabinet, however there are ways to fix that. Today I’m going to show you 20 RV Kitchen Space Savers that will change your kitchen organization skills and save you space.

The Kitchen:

The first place I want to show you is one of my favorites. Living in an RV means you have less space in your cabinets, counter top, and overall fridge space. I want to show you what has really changed our kitchen for the best and what can help you.

1. Get an Over The Door trash Can

20 RV Kitchen Space Savers

The basic RV shoves the trash can under the sink or on the side of a cabinet creating less space under the sink. Adding an over the door trash can, can free up more space for products under the sink and get it out of the way!

2. Replace Mixing Bowls with Stacking Nesting Bowls

20 RV Kitchen Space Savers

Nesting Bowls are a fantastic space saver! I use them in the house as well as our RV. Each bowl lays nicely inside each other compared to have multiple bowls taking up space. One of the bowls is also a Colander so you can get rid of that as well! We found ours here: https://amzn.to/2HR4Ie5

3. Paper Plate Dispenser

100 RV Space Saving Ideas For RV Organization

The paper plate dispenser is another fantastic way to save your counter top space from the plate pile. This nifty little space saver makes it easy to quickly grab the plates as well.

4. Magnetic Spice Jars

If you’re like me, you have a shelf of nothing but spices. Well, consolidate your spices and put them in this beautiful magnetic spice jar wall plate. The picture shows only a few but there are many more jars to add and it looks beautiful filled up. We found ours here : https://amzn.to/2HOZB2i

4. Use Old Wipe Containers to Store Plastic Bags

Stop shoving your bags into a drawer and use your used Lysol container! We found our DIY tutorial on this saving hack here.

6.Thumbtack Sandwich Baggies Inside Cabinet Doors

Take a few thumbtacks and pin your sandwich boxes to the inside or outside of cabinets, walls, or underneath the counter to save space in your cabinets.

7.Add Separators to Booth Drawers

Add organized storage in your booth drawers by adding separators.

8.Hook Dispensers

Take the aluminum foil and cling wrap out of the cabinet or drawers and put it on your wall with the simple hook trick! The hooks make it easy to pull out and tear your saran wrap or foil.

9. Command Hooks

Add Command hooks to the inside of your cabinet doors to hold spatulas and spoons or even the back splash next to your spice rack. Get your command hooks here : https://amzn.to/2HRgFQZ

10. Food Dispensers

Add these Wall-mounted dry food dispensers to your kitchen for macaroni, pasta, beans, or cereal. This is a great way to get rid of the bulk of packaging.

11. Over-The-Sink Shelf

Add a way to secure it to the wall and this is priceless! I put this over the sink shelf on my wish list for our RV about a week ago and can’t wait to add this to my kitchen.

12. Airtight Square Canisters

Storing food can cause a lot of wasted space, as the boxes and packaging crowds up the area. The airtight containers are great for stacking and getting your full amount of space.

13. Collapsible Pots

Save a bunch of space with collapsible pots! These handy pots won’t crowd the cabinets and you can still cook pasta the next night.

14. Collapsible Kettle

If you use a tea kettle for tea, instant coffee, or just heating hot water in general try this collapsible option. 

15. Roll-Up Sink Rack

After doing some research we found a roll-up sink rack. This rack gives you that extra counter top space and also rolls up for easy storage.

16. Command Caddy

Add Caddies to your walls or cabinets to store small packets, spice bottles, zip block baggy boxes, or small packages. We got ours here: https://amzn.to/2jvehoM

17. Store Garbage Bags on a Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holders can be used to hold just about anything on a roll. We’ve found that the best ones were aluminum foil, trash bags, and because I love to bake wax paper.

18. Add a Shoe Rack

Get the shoes out of the way with this simple trick. We took a small magazine rack to hold our shoes near the door.

19. Hang a Rack for Fruit

Hang this handy fruit basket to save counter top space for apples and more.

20. Consolidate Your Cans

Add these to your fridge and save space on your fridge shelves! We found these handy can caddies on amazon and they have been a life saver.



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