Why is American Adventures RV the spot everyone is going to when they want to consign their RV?

  • We handle all the legal paperwork.
  • You don't have to try for months or years to sell your RV while it continues to lose value.
  • We're extremely fair and we will pay you your agreed upon consigned price.
  • We make the process incredibly easy for you. We know you don't want to waste your time.
  • Consignment means you'll SELL YOUR RV without the headaches of showing and qualifying potential buyers of your RV. You also avoid advertising cost!

Bottom Line:

We can help you sell your unit, providing financing and warranty opportunities for the buyer, and we help you stop those monthly payments!  Let us sell your unit!

What Does American Adventures RV do to Sell Your Consignment?  We offer all the below services -check it out!
Website Traffic: We have constant online visitors from both the local and from nationwide areas coming to our website. We have a dedicated staff constantly working to drive additional traffic to our website. This means your RV will get instant exposure and you can sell it quicker.
Internet Search Rankings: Search for a specific trailer on the Internet and if it's on AARVNOW.COM's website, it will come up in the search page. 
Satellite Websites: We have multiple satellite websites that push potential buyers into those websites and then into ours. 
Email Blasts: American Adventures RV has gathered a huge database of past customer clientele and searched through DMV data information of people that are RV owners in a 500 mile radius. American Adventures RV has those email blasts sent out regularly (through our marketing company) to drive traffic to the parent website. The email blasts are to specific RV owners and interested in the industry.
Social Media: When you go onto our website because you have consigned your RV with American Adventures RV, your unit will be advertised not only on our website but also on  RVUSA.com, RVT.com, Facebook, Twitter, RV Trader, and many other advertising markets. The end result is your unit is exposed to hundreds of potential clients.



We will work with potential buyers to help them locate favorable financing. Helping the buyer find the financing they need can make a tremendous difference in selling because cash buyers are really hard to find in today's market. When an individual tries to sell his or her coach themselves, they have no control over getting their buyer approved. American Adventures RV can get potential RV buyers approved through our extensive financial banking relationships. When other banks would normally turn potential buyers down for reasons of a lower credit score than normal, or a debt to income issue, American Adventures RV will have them on the road in record time.

Extended Warranties (Service Agreements)

Extended service agreements are offered by American Adventures RV on most models. Some customers are leery of buying a used unit without any warranty. Our extended warranties provide buyers with peace of mind which is another reason they prefer buying an American Adventures RV consigned vehicle. Individuals trying to sell their own coach do not have the means of offering their buyer an extended warranty like this. This one factor can make it difficult to close a sale.

Ultimate Detailing Service

A clean, polished recreational vehicle will sell faster and receive better price offers. Learn more about American Adventures RV professional detailing service by contacting our consignment specialists. See how spending a little money can speed-up the process of selling price of your RV.

Store and Sell

If you are looking for a place to store your RV while you are trying to sell it, we offer our RV storage in Bushnell, Florida. When you use our Store and Sell you will have access to our Marketing and Sales team FREE!!

More Reasons to Consign with American Adventures RV

  • No more maintenance costs
  • No more repair costs
  • No more depreciation or aging
  • No more stress to try and sell it yourself
  • No more advertisement costs
  • No more detailing and washing
  • No more after the sale headaches
  • No liability issues 
  • No inconvenience of making appointments, we're here 7 days a week
  • No more monthly payments
  • No more deterioration
  • No more license and registration costs 
  • No more storage
  • No more insurance costs

Experienced Staff

RV pricing, advertising, marketing, detailing, financing, extended service agreements, and trouble-free closings all happen because of our experienced sales staff. We are here for you 7 days a week constantly and consistently working to sell your coach. We understand that just parking the coach out on the road with a "For Sale" sign in the window is not going to get the job done. 

How to Get Your Vehicle Listed for Sale

Call us at 352-329-8955 for a one-on-one conversation to discuss how American Adventures RV can sell your unit.