Pick an RV, Rent an RV or Rent to Own and RV! Its that easy!

RV camping is a great way to spend quality time with the family, while also getting to take in in all the beauty of nature around you. Have you ever wanted to buy a recreational vehicle or even just camp in one for a couple of days, and thought man that has got to be so expensive? Well truly its easier than you think, and we have all the answers to get you on your way.

First Step

Pick the RV that suits you and your families needs from our list of rental inventory! They range in rental price from $650 up per month./ Site rent is separate and paid to the campground

Second Step

Choose one of four luxury resorts to stay in! That’s right you choose.

(1) Wildwood RV VIllage (2) Lake Pannasoffkee RV Resort (3) Travelers RV Resort (4 )Breezy Oaks

Third Step

Complete all rental documentation and steps with our Rental Department.

Fourth Step

One of our rental transport agents will make sure the unit you have chosen is there waiting and ready for you the day of check in.

I told you it was that easy! Now say you decide while renting that you want to own it - well do we have a special for you! Once you have rented for six months, we will then take a percent of your monthly rent over that period of time and apply that towards your down payment. We can assist in finding the perfect lending institution to complete the finance process and once approved your an owner, and then your able to move your rv where ever you would like to travel to.

Now say for instance you don’t have the credit history for traditional financing. Well we have you covered with our in house financing - buy here pay here program, at the time we will analyze the situation and see what we can do for you. We want to get you on your way of the Adventure lifestyle.

Call or email our Rental Department today and speak to one of our consultants - its time to live the adventure!

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